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Badminton Stringing Services

Our stringers will string your racquet to precision using standard method or can be strung to your preference. (Not recommend to string over the maximum tension limit specified on the racquet) Minimum increment of 0.5 lbs.

Recommend tensions:

Using Plastic Shuttles: (Club Playing)

Beginners: 18 - 20 lbs, Intermediate: 20 - 24 lbs, Advance: 24 - 26 lbs

Using Feathers shuttles:

Beginners: 20 - 22lbs, Intermediate: 22 - 26 lbs, Advance: 24 - 29 lbs

String Fees: (Next day service)

  1. Bring your own strings:  $20 labour fee

  2. Strings and Labour: $22  - Alpha BS720 (rainbow colour)

  3. Strings and Labour: $27  - Yonex BG65, Li-Ning No.5

  4. Strings and Labour: $32  - Yonex BG80, BG80 power, AeroSonic,  Aerobite, Exbolt 63 & 65 and Li-Ning No.1,  **Extra charge for same day service. (Only when is available)

If you don't specified what type of strings or/and colour.
The stringers will use their choice from the list base on availability.
There is no warranty on strings as breakage can happen anytime with missed hits.

If you request to string above the racquet tension limit, we are not responsible for the racquet if it breaks during stringing)

You will need to pay the stringers directly.
If you are a member of the club, don't forget to ask for the member discount rate.
(Discount various with each stringers)

Drop Off / Pick Up: 

Racquet can be drop off and pick up at any of the schedule play date and time.

Or at the clubs where the stringer plays badminton or arrange a different location and time in the Greater Edmonton Area. 


Contact Us for stringing service

Let us know if you have any questions about stringing services.

Thanks for submitting!
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